nas & patrick allocco

Nas & Patrick Allocco

Veteran rapper Nas is being sued by a concert promoter who claims to have been held captive in Angola (yes, you’re reading this correctly) because of a deal that went sour.

Patrick Allocco, now a free man, promised Angolan promoters that he could deliver Nas for a New Year’s Eve concert in 2011. Both camps agreed to terms and conditions, including beefed up security and a $300,000 advance, and the deal was done.

Things went south rather quickly when on the night of the event, Nas was nowhere to be found. With the money already gone, the Angolan crew opted for the most logical solution: holding Allocco for ransom until the debt was repaid. After several weeks of torture and threats on his life (Allocco claims to have been held at gunpoint), the battered promoter was set free. Nas eventually paid-up, so all was well in Africa (aside from all the poverty, disease and war. You know, stuff like that).

Two years have passed since Allocco was flaked on—and then beat on—but it’s never too late for some go ol’ fashioned getback. He recently filed a $10 million lawsuit against Nas (presumably for pain and suffering). In response, the rapper has asked the judge to dismiss the case and accuses Allocco of going back his promise not to sue after the debacle in Angola.

What’s more, Nas says Allocco knew what he was getting into … he flew to Angola to be “human security” for the concert deal before the rapper even signed on. As for why he no-showed in the first place … Nas says the promoter breached their original contract by failing to provide enough security, fumbling their plane tickets and paying the $300K advance late. Ouch!