candace glover (ai logo)As we reported, Candace Glover is the new “American Idol.”

And of course a lot of people are happy for her, but one particular person isn’t. That would be singer Natalie Cole.

And why is that? Because the song 23-year-old Candace chose to sing was Natalie’s 1975 hit, “Inseparable,” which she sang with … Jennifer Hudson.

“AI” judge Randy Jackson thought it “best ever” Idol performance. Uh oh.

Yep, if you think you know where this is going, you’re right.

Bottom line, Natalie Cole was none too pleased and said so via Twitter and Facebook:

Make no mistake…’Inseparable’ was NOT originally recorded by Jennifer Hudson,  but by ME…. American Idol…

natalie coleThegrio wrote that “Cole also addressed a tweet to Idol’s account saying”:

@AmericanIdol ought to be ashamed of themselves! I’m seriously offended! #Idol #Idolfinale.” She later deleted the tweet.

Interestingly, one of Cole’s Twitter followers disagreed with her and called her out:

Get real, and let someone else have their moment. If u recorded it first so be it – but u don’t need to rain on a parade.”

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Watch Candice Glover and Jennifer Hudson’s killer performance of “Inseparable”: