la toya jackson*La Toya has been the Jackson family spokesperson lately, giving the updates and defending her siblings and parents from terrible media reports.

In the latest La Toya talks, she told the Huffington Post that her family is just like everyone else’s.

Yeah, ok.

“I don’t know if it would surprise you or not, but we’re just like everybody else,” she told Marc Lamont Hill. “We like to have fun and do things that everybody else does.”

Yeah, like win Grammys, cover the newsstands with the latest family updates, cause controversy, have a gagillion recorded songs. Yeah, like everyone else.

She also talked a bit about supporting her niece Paris’ decision to begin developing a relationship with her biological mother, Debbie Rowe.

“I don’t mind at all because after all it’s their mother, and you get to that age in your life when you want to know your mother and you want to spend time. So that’s fine with me, that’s her mom.”

La Toya’s kind of the odd one out in the family. Since the passing of her late brother and Pop star Michael Jackson, she’s been accused of trying to take advantage of her niece and nephews by signing them on her own talent label. However, she’s denied the reports and continued doing her thing.

Besides, she’s making her own mark with new show on OWN, “Life With La Toya.”

Watch in amazement as La Toya reveals, “We’re just like everybody else”: