Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 11.19.32 PM*Four episodes in, and the good folk at TV One are definitely keeping us entertained for season number two of R&B Divas.

With two new cast members, we weren’t sure if these ‘divas’ would be able to pull it off, but after peeping the teaser and tuning in each Wednesday night, we’re sorta, kinda addicted.

Recently, media partner,, caught up with Nicci Gilbert, co-creator of the show, at her No Ego Music studio, trying to get insight on this season. For starters, what’s the REAL issue between her and cast mate Syleena Johnson? And was she ever in jeopardy of being fired from the show? She also discusses the concept behind ‘Divas and Cocktails’ and whether or not the show has become ‘ratchet.’ Peep a few excerpts below.

On Creating R & B Divas: 

I actually created the show and I casted the show, I brought all the ladies on board and then I reached out to the Faith because I knew we needed an anchor and she was kind enough. Faith and I have been friends for almost 20 years. She is not about the BS, but when she saw that it was all pretty much together and she saw the sizzle reel–we actually co-funded the sizzle reel.


On The Power She Has As Show Creator:

People think we have the ability to go into the editing room and say, “Oh on take that out, no we don’t want that.”  If that did in fact happen it wouldn’t be fair to the other ladies who are our friends and our peers because you know I would be like “Oh, my teeth look so big right there; I look fat.”

So to stay neutral, I think that it’s best if we are on camera not to have the ability or the right to edit other people or be a part of that. We did see the first few episodes of season one and then after that I was like, “Oh okay, so this is why I didn’t see the other ones,” but again we do have creatively in terms of producing the show, I think everyone really produces their own story. You know what I mean?

On The Rumor That She Was Fired From The Show: 

Absolutely, positively none. I was never, ever–I have a really great relationship with TV One, a great relationship with TV One. TV one is the only entity that has the ability to say “you’re fired.” At the point that they say they’re fired, that is just basically them saying we don’t want to see you on camera anymore. Because in terms of me being fired as an executive producer and stuff like that, we got contracts to protect us from just a random firing.

On If She Can Have Cast Members Fired: 

First of all, I would never exercise that authority. Never in a million years because you know what, at the end of the day, I’m a business woman. And the only woman that I think should not be on the show is a woman who is just not adding anything one way or the other. And who doesn’t want to be there? But I would never. People have children and families and lives and that’s the reason I reached out to everybody. I’m not taking business to the personal level unless of course something happened to a degree where it was just like you know me or her. If it’s ever a me or her situation, then it’s her.

Nicci-Gilbert-Egypt-Sherrod-Diva's-Cocktails-Group-2013-The-Jasmine-BrandVisit to find out why her issues with Syleena started last season, if she’s concerned that the new season may be too ‘ratched’ and how she REALLY feels about adding Angie Stone and LaToscha Scott to the new season.