niecy nash*Niecy Nash is giving advice. Watch out now.

The actress recently released a book for single women. Happily married to her husband, Jay Tucker, she offers some friendly dating advice for women to meet their perfect match in her new book “It’s Hard to Fight Naked.”

In an interview with Sister 2 Sister, she talks internet dating and more.

Jamie: You internet dated?
Niecy: I sure did, girl, with my real face. Let me tell you what. I was on, Black People Meet. I was on Christian Singles and or something like that—

Jamie: [laughter]
Niecy: I just share my experiences… People always say, “How did you meet your husband? How did you get this kind of relationship? God, you guys seem so good together and perfectly matched.” I’m like, “Okay, let me tell you how to get the man who’s perfectly matched for you,” you know, and it starts with—and this is a conversation I had with Sherri, let me tell you what, because Sherri was still at a place when she met  Lamar where she wanted to date for her preferences as opposed to her priorities.

Jamie: Mm-hmmm, mm-hmmm.
Niecy: And I said—you know, she was like, “He’s too big” or whatever. And I was like, “So what’s your priority? Who’s gonna take [your son] to the doctor when he’s sick? Who’s gonna make sure you eat right with your diabetes? Who’s gonna rub your feet and tolerate the fact that you’ve got 100 weaves laying around when you get off “The View”? You know what I mean?

Jamie: [laughs]
Niecy: That’s what you want! So, you know, in those conversations—I just started to have them with so many women. I was like, “You know what? Let me just put this all in a book, so I could even get this information to maybe even women I don’t know.”

The full interview is in the latest issue of Sister 2 Sister.

its hard to fight naked (cover)