*Richard Pryor really outdid himself as a comedian, but nothing tops his recently revealed film, “Uncle Tom’s Fairy Tales: The Movie for Homosexuals.”

Made back in 1968, the film didn’t really see the light of day.

IndieWire.com says the film was intended to be for Pryor, who was, in the late 60’s, an increasingly popular up and coming stand up comic in the mold of Bill Cosby, and the now sadly forgotten Godfrey Cambridge. His first major film role, it dealt with a white man who is brought to trial for raping a black woman. Exactly what role Pryor would have played in the film (which one assumes would have been a comedy) is not exactly known.

As far as the movie being held captive all these years, supposedly Pryor’s wife at the time destroyed the film in a fit of rage.

Today it presumably sits in the Film Archive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.