peter thomas*Peter Thomas has not been known to keep his opinions to himself. So why would he hold his tongue after Kenya Moore’s written lashing?

The reality co-star responded to Kenya’s rant about how the men of “RHOA” need to step their game up and act like men.

Kenya took offense with Peter’s aggressive verbal exchange with her in defense of Walter Jackson, Kenya’s ex. Walter wasn’t invited to the reunion show, and Peter decided to take up for his new friend, challenging Kenya on nearly every comment she made about him.

“No real or decent man attacks a woman. The truth is, Peter, Apollo [Nida] and Kordell [Stewart] have all shown unacceptable aggression and intimidation toward woman (sic),” she wrote in her blog.

Peter, on the other hand, was offended that Walter was being considered a homosexual (probably because he didn’t marry her crazy a**). And the drama goes on.

When confronted about the communication via Twitter, Peter reasoned that he was just offering his opinion.

“They call us out there for [a] reason,to get our Take on things,” wrote Peter, responding to a user Lillian28867945.