chris kelly

Chis Kelly photo courtesy of Sandra

*Like they say, you never know when you’ll see or speak to somebody for the last time before they pass on.

Such is the case with Akini Jeffrey, producer of the Streetz Morning Grind on Streetz 94.5 in Atlanta.

Here, he describes the circumstances that led to him speaking with Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly Wednesday morning, just hours before his sudden, and for now, mysterious death.

I was extremely shocked to hear of his passing because I actually called (him) this morning at the radio station around 7:52am.
I believe that I have the audio of his last phone conversation.
Basically as I was doing show prep this morning, I came across a blog site that had his birthday posted as today.
I was trying to remember if that was correct because I remembered it being August the 11th.
I just randomly called him to get him on the air to wish him a happy birthday if this was true and he answered the phone.
When you listen to the phone conversation, you can tell there is a lot going on in the background.
Chris says “It’s Akini from the radio station baby.” He also went on the apologize to me for not showing up to a radio interview that I had him scheduled for back February for the So So Def reunion.
Chris also stated ‘Tell everybody in Atl I said what’s up.'”

Here’s that convo between Akini Jeffrey & Chris Kelly. Warning!  It’s slightly NSFW: