raheem devaughn*Fans of Raheem DeVaughn will take an intimate journey towards a new location with the singer’s upcoming album, “A Place Called Loveland.”

According to DeVaughn, his role will simply be to provide the soundtrack for those looking for a romantic escape with someone special.

“Loveland is a place. It’s a place that we shall all want to go when we want to be intimate,” the vocalist shared with EUR’s Lee Bailey. “I feel like every man should feel like a king in his palace and every woman should feel like a queen. So that’s the concept of it and you need to be provided with the right lush harmonies and poetic words and passionate music to go along with the moment. And that’s where I feel like I come in and provide that.”

Despite not having a title track, DeVaughn says that “A Place Called Loveland’s” message is fully felt on the album. Case in point: the singer’s hit single “Love Connection,” which adds to DeVaughn’s “self-appointed love king” status as he carries out his mission of “bringing people together through the music.”

“How long they stay together, I don’t know. That’s up to them. [laughs], but definitely I bring people together, you know, through the music,” the New Jersey native explained. “In doing that and that being my job and that being my gift, I think “Love Connection” is a very soothing title and a first single because that’s something that you have to have. It’s that connection and that kinetic energy or … the pheromones and that attraction to initially have that conversation and want to kick it with that brother or that sister.”

As for the inspiration behind “Love Connection,” DeVaughn confessed to being influenced by a past soul legend as well as a desire to fill a void he feels is absent from the airwaves.

“I refer to the record as kind of like my 2013 Marvin Gaye-feel record. That sound is kinda missing from radio,” the vocalist mentioned. “A lot of times I can’t really tell you where the music comes from because we go in and we create it and it becomes a mood or a moment. I just want people to look back on 2013, and say – when they hear this record – ‘that’s when I fell in love with so and so. I remember that at the beach, that night at the club.’ I just really try to create moments in time that last forever.’

Singing isn’t the only thing on DeVaughn’s plate. The entertainer has his hands full with his own radio show and record label as well as playing an active role in consulting and co-managing his artists.

Among those signed to DeVaughn’s label is Georgia Reign, who recently released her first mixtape on www.datpiff.com. The singer’s forthcoming project is scheduled for release in May.

Regarding “The Raheem DeVaughn Show,” DeVaughn labeled the radio show as “a great experience” that “definitely shows me in another light.”

“I got a warped sense of humor. The show is a fusion of great music, great topics for people to call in on and humor,” he said.

“The Raheem DeVaughn Show,” which is heard in more than 100 countries worldwide, airs from 7 to 9 p.m. EST every Sunday on blis.fm. Overall, the amount of work put in towards his success is not lost on DeVaughn, who is thankful for those involved in helping to make his job easier.

“It’s great to have a team assembled that can be in there, that understand your music, that understand your sound, understand your voice and can be in there working around the clock for you that provide you with content to add to your body of work,” said the entertainer.

Raheem DeVaughn’s “A Place Called Loveland” is scheduled for release this summer.