rick ross*Totally guilty of perpetuating some of the stereotypes and trends in the world of Hip Hop, Rick Ross had a bit of a wake up call and warns others in the game to take heed.

Since the 90s, the Hip Hop scene has been littered with violence, division, drugs and whatever other negative things you can think of.

Many rappers have fallen victim to the gun violence and health issues.

Just last week, Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly was found dead in Atlanta, suspected of drug overdose at 34.

On top of that, recent mantras have been to party life to the end. What’s really going on?

“Hip-hop being a lifestyle culture … a part of American culture, you have to be mindful that somebody is going to grow old, age,” said rap pioneer Melle Mel. “At some point somebody has to realize that hip-hop has to learn how to grow up. It’s way too juvenile and it’s been that way for too long.”

A generation of artists are quickly falling because of popular unhealthy choices. Even Mel admits he still suffers from the decisions he made in his youth, dealing with chronic bronchitis due to marijuana and cigarette smoke.

These days, major players like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross have publicly displayed health issues, both suffering from seizures.

The big bellied rap star, however, decided he’s going to make a change and do better for his health.

I want to live a good long healthy life. So I’m health-conscious,” the 37-year-old rapper-actor said. “You never see me drink. If you did see me with a bottle, it had ginger ale in it.”

Others like Snoop Lion, have stopped drinking as well, though weed is still a big part of his life. Years ago he suspected a woman of putting Rohypnol, the date rape drug, in one of his drinks and has since stopped drinking.

“I used to drink alcohol as a fashion statement. If you in the club, they bringing you bottles, bringing you drinks. And you’re just drinking because you’re drinking. I don’t do that anymore. I drink water or cranberry juice,” he said. “I’m not cheap. I just don’t want to do this to my body anymore. I want to survive.”

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