mayweather & guerrerro (in the ring)

Mayweather tags Guerrerro with a right as he did all night long. One of the reaspns for his success.

*Everytime there’s a fight that Floyd Mayweather is involved in, no matter who the opponent is, everybody that’s somebody comes out to see him go at it with whomever it is, it doesn’t matter. They come out in groves.

And folks, you can’t find anyone who would have enough courage to bet against him. Mayweather has gone through forty three opponents and has won against every single one of them.

This night was one in which so many stars of stage, screen, and recording, all came out to see “Money” Mayweather doing his thing in the ring.

don cheadle at mayweather fight

Fresh off the success of his ‘Iron Man 3’ in theaters, Don Cheadle was in the house at the Mayweather / Guerrerro fight.

From Don Cheadle, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kelly Rowland( who by the way sung the national anthem), Metta World Peace, Busta Ryhmes, and least I forget, Puff Daddy. And folks, you couldn’t find an empty seat in the house.

They were all there to witness an onslaught delivered by him against Guerrero, who just didn’t have any answers to the puzzle throughout the bout.

This one turned into a sparing session for Floyd, who truly gave Guerrero a boxing lesson. And folks, I didn’t see him winning not one round in this fight.

From the opening bell, this was just another display of hitting and moving, as Mayweather utilized superb defense, while constantly unleashing the right hand lead that had Guerrero off balance all night.

There’s no question that the pay per view went through the roof as everyone that you could talk to wanted to see if Mayweather still possessed all of the boxing abilities that got him there in the first place at age 36.

The way he looked last Saturday night, it appears that he is capable of taking care of any and all that are willing to have enough courage to face him.

He’s got five more bouts scheduled in the deal with Showtime, and you have to wonder what’s ahead for him after that.

One of the most significant things to occur with Floyd Mayweather was the reunion of he and his father, Floyd Sr., who first taught the game to him.

He was able to add quite a bit of things to his boxing ability and enable him to use both offence and defence in a much better way  throughout the bout.

And at the end of twelve, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind, especially the judges, as all three scored the bout unanimously in favor of Floyd Mayweather who improved his record to 44-0.

Now he has a date set for September for his next fight. Who knows what he’ll do after that. Let’s hope that he continues his quest to finish his career undefeated.

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Mohammed Mubarak

Mohammed Mubarak