malik ducard

Malik Ducard

The “It” Factor:
The internet is allowing people to push forward their ideas and talents in ways like never before, and no place is that more evident than on YouTube. With over 800 million users worldwide who watch 4 billion hours of programming the video sharing website is the industry leader in the distribution of digital entertainment content. As the Director of Content Partnerships for the Google company, Malik Ducard plays a key role in identifying creative relationships for the brand. Highly lauded for his success at expanding the distribution footprint for a number of studios, Ducard is leveraging that experience as he works with a range of different content partners ranging from established studios to next gen production companies who are creating content exclusively for the web. “The web has quickly become the primary way in which entertainment content is distributed,” says Ducard. “My job is to help satisfy the needs and interests of our user by providing them with content that speaks to their lifestyles.”

The Possibilities
Consumers have rapidly adapted to the web as their primary method for communication with industry figures reporting a user increase in excess of 20% over the last two years. With the emergence of online platforms, opportunities have opened up for entrepreneurs to engage with potential consumers on a global scale. “At YouTube our product allows our users to truly connect with a worldwide audience,” Ducard shares. “This means that someone in the United States can upload content and have it seen by someone in Nigeria or Korea instantly. Every minute we have 72-minutes of content loaded onto our site, which from a business standpoint creates an opportunity for huge consumption engagement.

The Model:
From a business standpoint, YouTube offers abundant prospects for accessing a large audience for potential sponsors and advertisers. This is intentional and introduces a value exchange that is appropriate. “Our business model can be very profitable for content producers,” says Ducard.  “By aggregating the appropriate eyeballs, advertisers can really target their audience and message. They can also quantify the delivery and reach of their message, which offers a better return on investment . Furthermore our backend support offers advance analytics that breaks down the wall between content creator and consumer. These statistics allow online creators and channel owners the opportunity to better understanding their audience and the ability to shift and adjust their content based on how their users are responding.

Golden Opportunities
To improve onsite navigation YouTube is rolling out channels so that users can find content in a much faster time. The site’s channelization also allows content producers to create experiences that are relevant to their audience. “YouTube is committed to creating a healthy eco-system for everybody,” says Ducard.  “Through our current initiative, we are interested in meeting with potential content producers (especially those from underserved communities) and possibly fund their productions for specific channels. Our channels can support a range of different content types – both short and long form and also allow users to buy or rent content. The goal is for YouTube to be the destination where meaningful content is available in everyone’s home.”

Winning Advice:
It’s important to follow your passion for achieving what you want to accomplish with your career,” Ducard says. “It’s equally important that parents recognize and support the natural interests and curiosities exhibited by their children at young age. I genuinely feel like I am doing exactly what I should be in my professional life. I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and growing up my classmates would sit around and listen to me telling stories. I’ve  also always had a passion for technology, which my mom encouraged by buying me a computer years before they became standard household items.  As for opportunities with the internet, now is really the time to get involved. For content creators the barriers are real low to creating projects – from the cost of production to distribution. I would encourage new media entrepreneurs to take advantage of this window b creating product and gathering an audience to support your work.”


Automotive Review: 2013 Altima 2.5 SL

nissan altima (2013)With its new athletic exterior and supped up interior, Nissan’s 2013 Altima is a family car with a great deal of appeal. With its smart handling and greatly improved technological assets, this ride looks in good form to be the next big boy on campus.

Wow Factor: Although not flashy, the new Altima is not totally devoid of personality. Its quick acceleration is definitely impressive for a vehicle in its class and new interior space provides more space for an extra passenger or transporting bigger loads.

Ride: Backed by a 2.5, 16-valve, 4-cylinder engine and a smart new continuously variable transmission, the front wheel drive Altima is powered to sustain big city and highway road conditions. Extra added-value comes from this ride responsive suspension and handling, which does a good job of managing road conditions.

Comfort:  Nissan does a great job of providing driver comfort and convenience with it 8-way powered front cabin seats that [extra bonus] provide great lower back support. The controls and navigation on this ride are easy to reach and read, which is always a great bonus on the road.

Spin Control:  With an off the lot price that begins a little above 20k, the base model Altima is within most family’s budgets. Drivers will most certainly value its solid fuel economy (27city/36 hwy), which is especially important when gas prices are so uncertain. With everything it’s got going for it, I expect this ride to more than maintain place among target buyers.

Grade: A

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