robin thicke*Robin Thicke somehow gets away with his raunchy sexy lyrics and sometimes edgy music videos, probably because he makes it sound so smooth and easy to receive.

His recent, unrated version of “Blurred Lines,” which premiered in April, has some folks talking, though.

The video went viral on YouTube, receiving one million hits before it was banned for its scandalous nastiness.

“We just had a great feeling about the song,” Thicke told Carson Daly Wednesday morning. “I made it last summer. I mean, I had it for about 8 or 9 months, you know, and Jimmy Iovine liked it, but nobody was really jumping all around the place for it.”

“And then we shot video. Jimmy Iovine called me 7 seconds into the video…and he said, ‘This is a smash! This video is amazing!’”

“We had always planned on making an unrated, we like to call it, [version]. Not X, it’s just unrated! So what we would do is shoot a segment with the girls dressed and then they would take their clothes off [and] we’d shoot the same shot.”

Even wife Paula Patton approved the video shoot.

“The first time we saw the video, she watched both and we liked the dressed one so much, we were like, ‘Maybe we don’t need to do this with the naked one. Maybe it’s going too far.’ Then we showed it to about 10 of our friends and they all were like, ‘Oh my god!’ So we put them both up.”

The song was such a hit that “The Voice” quickly responded to get the singer on the stage before anyone else could.

So he’ll be rocking it this week on the show.

“It’s exciting because it’s got the core audience, you know what I mean, of young record buyers who are interested in something fresh, something new and when you get a chance to go on The Voice, if it connects, you know, it explodes right away. So, we were already doing well and The Voice was the cherry on top that we needed to finish the cake.”

Check out the full interview with Carson Daly here.