roy wood jr & upscale

Comedian/Actor Roy Wood Jr. Shares Life Advice in the May issue of Upscale Magazine.

*Like many comedians starting out, Roy Wood Jr. is no stranger to having a day when the jokes just don’t hit.

He talks about dealing with hecklers and pushing through life’s uncomfortable situations in the May issue of Upscale Magazine.

Wood was tried by fire through several visits to Uptown Comedy Club in Atlanta, a venue that Wood describes as “tougher than the Apollo”.

“It was here that I became a ‘getting booed connoisseur,'” said Wood. “They’d scream random things like: ‘KILL YO SELF!!’ or ‘TAKE YO ASS BACK TO ALABAMA!!’ Our first instinct is to run from our failures and never relive them. However, when giving in to that impulse, we lose the true purpose of why failure is presented in our lives – to educate us.”

The thick skin Wood acquired in his early stand-up years propelled him to his television debut on the Late Show with David Letterman followed by appearances on Def Comedy Jam, Last Comic Standing and Conan. Today, Wood is a series regular on the comedy Sullivan and Son, which returns to TBS June 13th. Fortunately, he only returns to Alabama on his own terms, and that’s to visit his mother.

You can get the full story on Roy Woods in the May issue of Upscale Magazine.