rza-2*“It’s not your average cop show, first of all,” says rapper-turned-actor RZA, the Wu-Tang Clan co-founder who is currently shooting his first regular TV role in Fox’s upcoming drama “Gang Related.”

“There’s a twist in the sense you have all these different agencies coming together – DEA, FBI, NSA, LAPD – and they form this gang task force whose mission is to go out and stop the crime.”

“Gang Related” centers on Ryan Lopez (“Charlie’s Angels’” Ramon Rodriguez), a gang member sent to infiltrate the San Francisco Police Department and rise through its ranks. He must balance his commitments to his crime family — the gang from his old neighborhood — with an increasing sense of loyalty to his new “family,” the San Francisco Police Department’s Gang Task Force.

“The Korean gangs, the black gangs, the Latino gangs are growing so strong in L.A. that they brought in different people from different agencies to come here, put their specialties together, and put a stop to the drug war, the violence and things that are happening,” says RZA, explaining the Gang Task Force’s origin. “Ryan, as the audience will soon learn, plays both sides of the fence.”

Below, RZA talks about his character Cassius, Lopez’s partner on the Gang Task Force who decided to become a cop after the love of his life was gunned down. The community’s ambivalence toward her death drives him to seek justice in a world that appears to have stopped caring.