Sammy Sosa*Stars from all walks of life came out for Miami’s yearly big event in The Blacks’ Annual Gala.

The function put on by Miami power couple Roy and Lea Black raises money for The Consequences Foundation.

The charity helps assist at risk youth. The yearly function has been featured during both past seasons of The Real Housewives of Miami.

From Dennis Rodman to Bernard Hopkins and Sammy Sosa, sports stars came out to celebrate a worthy cause that featured a concert hosted by music star Flo Rida.

Celebrity interview journalist Chris Yandek ( was on the red carpet for this big occasion and spoke with baseball great Sammy Sosa. See Chris and Sammy’s picture below.

Sammy revealed to Chris he’s ready to be on “Dancing with the Stars.” He’s just waiting for the invite from ABC’s producers:

“If they invited me (laughs).”

The former Chicago Cubs star says he has his own charity in the Dominican Republic and talks about what he’s been up to in retirement:

“It’s made me feel great. I never forget where I’m coming from now. I give back to my people. … I have two companies that I’m moving forward with and everything looking pretty good.”

You can check out more with Sammy Sosa at Chris Yandek’s CYInterview.

You can find more information about The Black’s Annual Gala at

sammy sosa and chris yandek

Sammy Sosa and Chris Yandek