sheree whitfield*This may be the most that Sheree Whitfield has been in the media since leaving “RHOA.”

NeNe recently went off during an episode of “Watch What Happens Live” when she said she’d never talk to the former reality star again.

But Sheree is confused about it all and spoke with about the incident.

“I’m flattered that she’s still thinking about me that much. I haven’t been on the show in a year, and she still has that much of me in her brain,” Sheree told “I think that’s sad.”

NeNe said their relationship has been damaged beyond repair and doesn’t see them ever rekindling a friendship.

“I think Sheree is very evil,” said NeNe who described her as “super secretive.”

“I think she is a true b!tc#, and that’s not cute,” she added.

Sheree, who actually had a true lady reaction said, “We have a lot of history,” and intimated that NeNe may be intimidated by her. “I can say probably when someone knows your baggage and someone knows all your dirt…and I’m not afraid of her.”

But this isn’t the first relationship that’s been ruined with NeNe.

Infamously she and Kim Z have been friendemies for a little while. Though the actress and reality star calls herself reaching out to her, they’ve not really reconnected since their fallout.

So, hmm, maybe NeNe is the one trippin’ in these failed friendships.