soulja boy*Soulja Boy could be in some big trouble.

The bad a** rapper got the car he once rapped about impounded by the LAPD after some incriminating videos and pictures of a car like his fleeing a hit and run were discovered.

He drives a hot “Red Bentley.”

According to TMZ reports, the red car collided with a motorcycle driver on January 8 and was seen fleeing the scene. The driver was severely injured.

The evidence was discovered by the victim’s friend, who searched the area for any witnesses and those who may be able to identify the driver.

The valet at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles helped identify the owner of the vehicle.

After doing the work for the police, the LAPD used the gathered evidence and matched photos of the car’s license plates to a red Bentley with “damage that corresponded to the accident.”

The car was repaired before getting impounded, but the evidence is what it is.