steve harvey star*Steve Harvey is a Hollywood star. Yes, the comedian and talented individual unveiled his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame recently.

His family came out to join him for the occasion, along with Dr. Phil, Samuel Jackson, and of course Cedric the Entertainer.

“The Lord saved my soul, Marjorie saved my life. That’s really the truth of it,” he said about his wife during the ceremony. “She is the most important component to all of this since 2005. Y’all hardly knew of me, tell the truth. ‘Kings of Comedy’ was hot, but my life really took off after this woman…”

“But here’s the final deal,” he added, …“you cannot get a star, you cannot be a star without fans. You cannot be who you are without the people who are standing on the other side of the railings.”

Scenes from steve’s walk of fame ceremony

Meanwhile, check out this clip from Tuesday’s episode of “The Steve Harvey Show” where Dr. Phil acquires a few new dance moves from the “The King of Comedy”: