tj holmes3crop*Former BET host of “Don’t Sleep!” may not be sleeping well himself these days. He doesn’t have a job! The journalist announced that he’s an official free agent.

Last Thursday, BET finally succumbed to the pressure of telling fans that “Don’t Sleep” wasn’t going to return for another season, reports Richard Prince’s Journal-isms.

According to R. Thomas Umstead for the Multichannel News, ratings continued to remain low for the show as it aired weeknights.

“After generating a series-high 1 million viewers for its Oct. 9 episode, the series averaged less than 400,000 viewers before being revamped into a weekly, one-hour format on Nov. 14. The last new episode of the series aired Dec. 19.”

But BET has not canceled the show.

Holmes told Journal-isms by telephone, “I will never, ever regret thinking that my heart was in the right place,” a young black man taking his skills “to do something that was not being done for our community,” that is, providing a daily news show geared toward African Americans. “You learn from the mistakes, there are questions I should have asked, things that should have been cleared up,” but reaching the black community in that way was “an opportunity I would love to have” again, Holmes said.