kanye & kimIs Kim Killing Kanye’s Brand?
In his never-ending quest to turn his future baby momma (possibly wife if his June Eighteen Tweet means what I think it means) from heaux to housewife, Kanye forbids Kim to even talk to him on the phone in front of the cameras. Though a consumer video camcorder created her sex-tape fame, and reality camcorders allowed us to keep up with the Kardshians, Kim’s reality TV appearances may soon come to a screeching halt.

According to Radar Online, Kanye happily appeared on the show before he and Kim hooked up. Now that she and he are an item Kanye wants NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING to do with reality TV.  Reportedly, Kanye’s team thinks appearing on reality TV is bad for his brand.

Kanye wants Kim to stop wasting time with reality TV as it contributes nothing to anything. He would be happy for Kim to pursue a REAL acting career, and her fashion line.

kordell stewartIs Kordell Stewart … Gay?!
Kordell took to his twitter account (@kslash10) to once again deny the vicious rumors attacking his sexuality.  According to Kordell, “Whatever that is you heard that’s all it is. Wasn’t raised to be nothing but a grown man. Raised by MEN, god fearing MEN.”

Um. Kordell? What’s wrong with a simple YES, I’m gay/bi/dl – or NO, I’m not, gay/bi/dl? You are going all around the world, and I, Yi, Yi! I hear you talking boo, but these rumors have been following you for over a decade. Remember, what’s done in the dark will ALWAYS eventually come to the light.

peter & cynthiaMr. Cynthia Bailey Gets Unscripted
Forever hust’lin, Uncle Ben, I mean … Peter Thomas will give kudos to the best in reality TV with UnScripted, his new reality TV awards show.  According to Peter, his UnScripted Reality Awards will highlight the most entertaining personalities in reality TV today. Most other mediums have an awards show, and creating one for the reality TV genre was a great idea waiting to be hatched and cashed in on.

“There is an award show that acknowledges and honors the incredible talent and overwhelming influence of Reality TV Stars,” the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star said in a statement. “Just as the film community has the Oscars, the music community has the Grammys, and the television community has the Emmys, this award show will bring focus to the genre that is steadily making a huge mark on popular culture.”

The 1st Annual UnScripted Reality Show Awards is expected to take place in Atlanta at the Woodruff Arts Center on September 4, 2013.

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