steffanie rivers

Stteffanie Rivers

*When I graduated from college the first time followed my dreams and became a newspaper and television news reporter. I traveled across the country covering stories, one of the most memorable was when I met Nelson Mandela during his visit to the United States after his release from a South African prison.

When I graduated from college the second time my dreams led me to Washington, D.C. where I worked on Capitol Hill, attended presidential inaugurations and reported on the State of the Union Address. When I got the chance to produce programming at an independent television station in Virginia I jumped at the chance.  And when Morgan State University in Baltimore had an opening I became Professor Rivers in the Department of Communications.

As a college professor I joined a committee to promote a student exchange program between the United States and Vietnam. So I traveled to Hawaii, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore as part of the Fulbright-Hays Fellowship program.  We visited the My-Lai (massacre) Village, the border between North and South Korea known as the 38th Parallel, lo Chi Minn’s Mausoleum and the Cu chi tunnels of Saigon.

I’ve done door-to-door sales, sold cars, owned a marketing company and owned rental properties from Maryland to North Carolina. Last year I started doing stand-up comedy at local clubs and I created a production company with a business partner to produce programming for women and families. We created a reality show, Women Pastors – Ladies In the Pulpit. Now were pitching it to networks with other shows we’ve created

When I applied to become a flight attendant a few years ago they weren’t hiring. So I became an airline baggage handler instead. And when American Airlines starting hiring flight attendants last fall I applied along with 20,000 other people. Of the 20,000 applicants only 2,000 have been chosen so far. I am one of the 2,000. After 8 ½ weeks of training, I know everything except how to fix the plane and how to fly it. I can evacuate an aircraft in record time and save a life 30,000 feet in the air. If all you know about flight attendants is they serve food and drinks, your flights have been uneventful – and that’s a good thing. I love to travel. So I know I’m going to enjoy this job! No matter how far my travels take me I promise to take you with me, because writing and producing are my passion.

Steffanie is a freelance journalist living in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. For comments, or speaking inquiries email her at [email protected].