tia mowry*Actress Hilary Duff became an idol to fellow former child star Tia Mowry Hardict when she talked openly about the difficulties of losing the weight that having a baby produces.

It’s not easy for most women to just bounce back, but Tia she found strength in Hillary’s journey.

“I remember when I had my baby. I was looking at everybody like ‘Damn, how are they on the beach after two months in a bikini? What the hell are they doing?'” the 34-year-old actress told Us Magazine. “I went to my OB because I thought something was wrong with me, because that’s all I would see! And she said, ‘No, honey, that’s fine.'”

It seemed all the women in the industry was having babies and apparently bouncing back like teenagers after a bad weekend of eating. But when Hilary Duff publicized her struggle with losing the baby fat, Tia found a new hero.

New mom and twin sister Tamera is also finding her way into her new body.

“At first you’re shocked. You’re like, ‘My body’s completely different.’ Your boobs are in your face, you have stretch marks, you have curves that you never had before…. My husband said, ‘Happy girls are pretty girls,’ and he keeps telling me that. Enjoy the phase that you’re in. I’m enjoying it!”