shemar moore & toni braxton

Shemar Moore and Toni Braxton

*Shemar Moore is in trouble with one of his exes over comments he made to recently. The actor opened up about his high-profile relationships with Halle Berry and Toni Braxton early in his career. But he opened up a little too much. “Toni was very upset over Shemar’s remarks,” an insider told the National Enquirer. “Shemar made it sound like Toni was chasing him just to have sex.” The source adds, “She thought his comments were in poor taste, and when he compared her to Halle, that was just classless and disrespectful.” In the interview, Moore said dating Braxton was a “wild ride,” but that his relationship with Berry was a deeper connection.

lauryn hill

Lauryn Hill

*Lauryn Hill has escaped the terror of federal prison for tax evasion, for the most part. but she did get 3 months in jail and 3 months home arrest. How did she do it? We don’t know but she should write a “How To” manual. Former band mate Pras predicted it though. Her Fugees co-star was recently asked about the issue and said, “I doubt she’ll do 3 months. He compared Lauryn to the most famous law-breaker in the land — one Lindsay Lohan sayin’ “… If Lindsay Lohan didn’t do time, why would she?” That’s (twisted) logic for ya.