wade robson*Wade Robson is attempting to get his piece from the Michael Jackson estate after allegedly being molested by Michael Jackson.

In new developments, a Neverland Ranch housekeeper may play a major role in the case. According to reports, Blanca Francia says she saw Robson naked in the shower with Michael Jackson at one point.

Sources tell TMZ that Robson’s lawyers are analyzing Francia’s testimony during the 2005 trial, when she told the court that she witnessed a naked 7 or 8-year-old Robson showering with the late pop singer.

In her testimony, the housekeeper said she couldn’t see what Michael was doing because the shower door was fogged up. However, she did hear him laughing.

Francia’s testimony wasn’t enough to convict the icon at that time.

But Robson’s team wants to use her testimony to prove Michael abused him as a child.

In the meantime, Robson is also threatening legal action against Joe Jackson, who he claims continues to spread lies about him.

Lawyers sent Papa Jackson a cease and desist letter on May 25, accusing him of slander and warning the family patriarch to stop dragging Robson’s name through the mud, says TMZ.

The letter even sites a TMZ video in which Jackson says he was being paid to lie about the whole “Michael Jackson molested me” thing.

Robson’s lawyers wrote, “Your statement is particularly reprehensible in light of the fact that [Robson] has  only recently been able to come forward which is so typically characteristic and tragic for so many survivors of sexual abuse.

“Any trier of fact would conclude your statement was malicious, intended to further injure our client.”