*Choreographer Wade Robson went on the “Today” show this morning to discuss claims that he was sexually abused by Michael Jackson and his request for compensation from the King of Pop’s estate.

Wade said he “was scared psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”

“This is not a case of repressed memory. I never forgot one moment of what Michael did to me,” he said. “He performed sexual acts on me and I performed sexual acts on him.

“It was complete manipulation and brainwashing. He would role-play and train me for these scenarios.

“There is no excuse for what he did to me, but he was a troubled man…The image that one presents to the world is not the whole explanation of who someone is.

“Michael Jackson was yes, an incredibly talented artist with an incredible gift. He was many things. And he was also a pedophile and a child sexual abuser.”

While Wade – who was one of the witnesses at Michael’s child molestation trial in 2005, and his testimony, along with those of his sister and mother, were said to be instrumental in the singer’s acquittal – has been called a liar by Michael’s friends and family. But Wade insists he is telling the truth.

The married father of one said: “The idea that I would make all of this up and put my wife, my son, my entire family through this extremely stressful and painful experience all for the sake of money? That’s completely incomprehensible. I’ve lived in silence and denial for 22 years…In order to fully heal, I have to speak the truth and I have to speak the whole truth.”