lenox avenue*YouTube has been a huge stepping stone for some of TV’s newest shows. Al Thompson and Brian Rolling, who launched their web series, “Lenox Avenue,” have both received great success. Now they’re moving on to bigger projects, like the Indiegogo campaign.

Launched via their production company, ValDean Entertainment, the campaign is going to be used to help produce an extended season finale to help please the show’s fans.

The digital drama series, which stars Thompson, Dorian Missick, Ryan Vigilant, Michael K. Williams, Jamie Hector, and Vanessa Bell Calloway, revolves around three friends as they navigate through the fast paced dating scene in Manhattan’s uptown neighborhood.

Part of the campaign is to get the fans and viewers involved.

“We really wanted to open up our process to the fans, and let the fans have a voice. And let Harlem become the sponsor of the show,” Rolling said during a recent interview with the Huffington Post. “And so, we were excited by the opportunity to see that reaction and being able to communicate with our fans and allow them to have ownership of the show that was something that really excited us to the Indiegogo route versus some of the other routes that were available.”

Since premiering last fall, the show has been a interesting combination of learning experiences and commentary from fans, who have primarily been women.

The creators say women have shared their gratitude of sorts, saying few shows give them an opportunity to see them from a male’s point of view.