joseph & black daughters

Joseph went shopping with his three bi-racial daughters at a Woodbridge, Virginia, Walmart and was mistaken for their possible abductor.

*Have you ever been shopping and noticed children walking with someone that it seems they shouldn’t be?

For instance, an adult that is a different race than the child? Well, with all of the abductions we’ve seen lately, it seems that folks are taking Charles Ramsey’s advice and being proactive.  Getting some “cajones!”

It definitely takes cajones to walk up to a man with his daughters and ask him what he’s doing with them.

A Woodbridge, Virginia, Walmart sent police officers after Joseph, a white man that had been shopping with his three biracial daughters.

His wife, Keana, is black woman who was outraged once police showed up on their doorstep asking questions about why Joseph was with the girls, according to Fox 5 D.C.