whoopi goldberg*Racism, Whoopi don’t play that.

“The View” talk show host totally got on Sergio Garcia’s back when he cracked a racial joke about fried chicken and Tiger Woods.

The two golfers have their own feud going on and Whoopi Goldberg got involved when the envelope was pushed a little too far.

Garcia joked that he would have his rival over for dinner during the U.S. Open, saying “We will serve fried chicken.”

He later apologized and said he is “truly sorry.”

But his little sorry doesn’t mean much.

The ladies of “The View” were on it. Jillian Michaels came down like an unwanted rain storm, calling his statement “clearly racist” and proposed that the golfer “should be kicked out of the sport.”

Whoopi also had a few words for the athlete, remarking that his joke was offensive. She argued that it would be “insulting” if someone joked to Garcia about “tacos.”

Instead of kicking him out of the sport, Whoopi recalled how powerful endorsement deals are, referencing Fuzzy Zoeller’s racial remarks against Tiger in 1997.

“The bottom line is this, you can say to somebody, ‘Listen, we get it. You didn’t get it the first time. You didn’t see when Fuzzy said it how much hell there was to pay. So if we hear it again, you’re out, you’re gone,'” she said. “And I tell you this, Jillian, because I’ve lost endorsements for something someone assumed I said, so I’m not big on snatching money away until we know all the facts.”