after earth poster*Will and Jaden Smith‘s new movie, “After Earth,” will face some stiff competition this weekend. The Fast and the Furious 6,” which premiered last Friday, continues to rake in cash at the box office.

Also hitting theaters is the highly-anticipated indie magician heist pic, “Now You See Me.” Depending on the mood of the public, the former “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” star might experience his lowest opening weekend total ever for any of his summer blockbuster films, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The sci-fi thriller — a passion project for Smith– is more of a springboard for Jaden,the actor’s son, with Smith’s character sitting out of much of the action. Smith’s Overbrook Films produced the father-son adventure for Sony.

According to pre-release projections, “After Earth” is on pace to gross $35 million to $40 million, which parallels the debut total of the Tom Cruise sci-fi adventure “Oblivion,” which rocked audiencesearlier this year. Sony believes this would be a great result, considering “After Earth”is an original title. The film cost $130 million to produce. But a domestic debut $40 million or less would fall miles short of the usual opening for a summer film starring Smith. Last year, “Men in Black 3″opened to $54.6 million, while “Hancock” scored a $62.6 million debut in summer 2008. Nor would it match the $55.7 million dollar opening of “Karate Kid,” also starring Jaden Smith, in June 2010.

After Earth,” rated PG-13, is doing well with families and African Americans, according to reports. The movie begins opening in earnest overseas over the course of the next two weeks. Smith remains a mega-star internationally.