mcdonalds halal

Dearborn, Michigan, McDonald’s decides to cut the halal foods from their menu after a $700,000 settlement was ordered due to fake halal foods being sold at the location.

*McDonald’s signs read “99 billion served.”  Some say “billions and billions served.”  Which shows that they do their best to serve EVERYBODY!

But now they will no longer offer halal–the slaugter and/or preparation of animals and meat in the manner prescribed by Islamic law–foods at the Dearborn, Michigan, location; which is one of only two in the country that offer halal food on their menu, according to MSNBC.

The city of Dearborn is 41 percent Arab American and the decision came down after the franchise had to shell out $700,000 in a settlement to Ahmed Ahmed in April, because he claimed that the location had not always served them halal foods.