travis pratt

Travis Pratt of Tifton, Georgia, shocks the crowd and judges of America’s Got Talent with his unusual singing voice.

*We’ve been celebrating Black Music Month with exceptional artists from all America and overseas, but nothing we’ve seen has prepared us for the talent of the man you are about to experience.

Travis Pratt is a resident of Tifton, Georgia and they should be proud.  He performed for the judges on the NBC show America’s Got Talent and they were visibly blown away…as were we.

The man is there to sing, but what comes out of his mouth was the most unexpected treat we’re sure they had never heard before.

The judges responses were:

Howard Stern:  This is the most outrageous audition I have ever seen.  And I mean this in the kindest way, sir, you are a freak, but I mean it like in a good way!

Heidi Klum: You have an amazing voice.

Mel B: It was perfection.