avant*In an interview with Essence.com, Avant is welcoming back old fans and ushering new ones in to his sounds of love and romance on his latest album, “Face the Music.”

For his 2013 R&B return, the singer decided to pay homage to the greatest music of the century via the album title.

“At one point, I think everybody should face the music. It’s also about paying homage to the greats before us,” he said. “There’s a lot of music that’s out right now and it’s like, did you put thought into that? Is it real? Would it be appreciated by the greats? That’s why I wanted to title the album Face the Music.”

Avant admits, he’s grown over the years and his music has matured. So, with this new piece of music, he says faithful fans will see a transformation in him through song.

“From the beginning album to this album it shows so much growth. I have more to talk about. I’ve been in love. I’ve had kids,” he said. “There’s a lot going on. The vocabulary expands deeper. With songs like ‘Gratitude’ it pays homage to what music is itself. Every year you should show growth in your product.”

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