leon timbo

Leon Timbo

*There have been many artists that launch their careers with a big start and an equally quick finish.

But, there is one new artist on the horizon that we think has longevity in his talent.

Leon Timbo is a singer and activist that we were introduced to by Tyrese and R. Kelly in a video Tyrese took of the three hanging out together in a restaurant on the set of Transformers 3 in 2010.

As soon as Timbo began to sing, the raw talent was so overwhelming we wanted to get his album that very moment.  Fortunately, Timbo’s album is due this month …early this month.

In October 2012, he released a three-song ‘single.’  One of the songs released was “Don’t Call,” which is the first song we heard him sing when he hung out with R. Kelly and Tyrese.

According to Star Pulse.com, Timbo is not just interested in music and wasn’t seriously interested in music until the age of 16.