bobbi kristina brown*Bobbi Kristina Brown was not kicked out of her apartment. Nope, she left on her own (thank you very much).

The daughter of deceased music powerhouse Whitney Houston, recently denied allegations that she and her boyfriend (Nick Gordon) were forced from their Alpharetta, Ga. apartment.

According to a rep for Bobbi Kristina, rumors of her eviction are totally false. She did, however, decide to leave voluntarily, sources say. Apparently, Bobbi Kristina’s neighbors worked her nerve with complaints about excess noise. Eventually, she had enough and decided to bounce.

“Bobbi felt that the neighbors were always in her business and looking to get some sort of media attention,” a source also tells E! News. “Krissy lives on the 2nd floor and as with anyone who lives in a first floor apartment you should expect to hear some noise above you. But apparently these people have been nuts for a long time. So she decided to move out. She was not evicted.”

The report speaks nothing of late-night guests, parties, loud music, or anything of the like. So we at EUR are wondering what kind of noises these alleged “neighbors” heard? Perhaps, some bed-squeaking and calls to Jesus? Just sayin.

The 20-year-old’s rep also refuted reports that Bobbi Kristina left her former neighbors a scathing letter for getting her kicked out.

The note was in fact written by friends of Bobbi Kristina, the rep claims.

According to a police report filed on the incident, the note that was left for one neighbor read, “Thanks. You are s–t at the bottom of our shoe. Thank you for making a hard year harder. You are a miserable couple, and always will be. You were honored to have us living above you and you couldn’t stand such a young beautiful couple being far more successful than you ever will be. I pray your misery doesn’t rub off on your innocent little baby.”

There is no investigation going on currently. The police report was just for documentation purposes.