cee lo green*Cee Lo Green is being sued for a Christmas performance he didn’t even show up to.

The suit alleges the “F*ck You” singer finagled Cierra Management Group out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over concerts that were supposed to take place over a two day period.

Supposedly, Cee Lo’s people approached the group with a 12-days of Christmas tour concert proposition for $100K a show in 2011, reports TMZ.

That was too rich for Cierra’s blood.

Cee Lo’s folks tried again, this time, cutting it down to six days of Christmas at the same price. Still, a no go.

Finally, the parties bargained to come up with two concerts for a total of $243,000, including expenses.

According to Cierra, the deal didn’t go through. Instead, the entertainment group was a**ed out of the money and a ‘no show’ for the waiting fans.

The company’s leadership believes it was a scheme from the beginning, though the group does not name Cee Lo as a guilty party in the conspiracy.

However he is being sued for refusing to perform.

Cierra is asking for $14.2 million.