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CeeLo Green and “Goodie Mob”

*A few dozen handlers peered out into the street while a Black SUV slowly crept into view.

They had been waiting more than two hours for this moment, and it was finally happening. As the mysterious truck nestled up against a nearby curb, out spilled the guests of honor, Atlanta’s own Goodie Mob.

Flanked by swarming media personnel, CeeLo Green and company casually strolled down the outstretched carpet leading toward the rear entrance of the Playhouse Night Club in Hollywood.

At events like this one, the floor dressing is traditionally red. This go round, it was Nickelodeon orange, a far cry from your average celebrity welcome mat.

Goodie Mob’s sluggish arrival was punctuated by throngs of flashing cameras, gushing reporters, and clamoring fans, mostly there for CeeLo, music’s modern day Liberace. Lazily dressed in flip-flops and sweatpants, it appeared that he intentionally deviated from his normal extravagant demeanor. If his goal was not to upstage his long-time running mates, he would’ve succeeded.

But as the media attention grew, CeeLo couldn’t help himself. The flamboyant crooner gleefully rolled up his sleeves, under which sat a gleaming set of astonishingly clear, diamond-encrusted wrist pieces. To boot, his fingers were covered in bling, and the blinding emission of sparkling light from his necklace cast a shrouding glow. CeeLo smiled, and even his teeth had diamonds on them.

Prior to the light show, a handful of celebs were on hand to show their support. Wearing designer frames, flaunting a Spanish hottie on his arm, R&B veteran Marques Houston sashayed across the carpet, but took a second to rap with EUR.

“I’m a big CeeLo fan,” he explained. “I grew up listening to Goodie Mob. So I’m just here to support the cause and hear some good music.”

Houston’s 6th solo studio album, “Famous,” is slated to be released August 27th.

We hear good things thus far.

The playful occasion in Hollywood was held in honor of Black Music Month, and featured five aspiring musicians who were handpicked by the Goodie Mob to perform together at the “Elevate Young Black Voices” event Tuesday night. It was the culmination of a nationwide competition sponsored by AT&T and Blackberry, which called out to those with lofty dreams of forging a path in the entertainment industry. The concert also included fresh new music from Goodie Mob’s upcoming album, Age Against the Machine, and more. That afternoon, the contest  winners, who hail from various regions of the country,  received guidance and tutelage from CeeLo’s crew.

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From left: Eveready, Justice Ami, Rahkua, Kno’ Bodie (contest winners)

“It’s always gratifying to be helpful and encourage young talent,” CeeLo expressed during a brief interview with EUR. “Being able to recognize young talent heightens your senses and sharpens your skill and gives you perspective.”

Lo also imparted a tidbit of advice for those looking to gain a foothold in music.

“You have to be original,” he said in a matter of fact tone. “A lot of people are trying to acquire the same space. You must stand out amongst the crowd.”

Needless to say, if anyone practices what he preaches, it’s CeeLo.