chad johnson*If by chance your Monday got off to a bad start, consider Chad Johnson‘s.

The infamous headbutter was just arrested and placed in handcuffs inside a Florida courtroom.

The move came after the judge in his probation violation hearing ordered him to spend 30 days in jail.

The Broward County judge decided on the action after she was angered by Johnson who, during the hearing, slapped the butt of his lawyer, who’s a male by the way.

Unfortunately it was bad timing on the part of Johnson to reach out and touch because the judge was said to be on the verge of sealing a deal that would have kept Johnson OUT of jail for violating his probation earlier this year.

But Johnson’s physical endearment action straight up pissed off the judge so she took the deal off the table and sent the ex-NFLer to jail to think things over.

Meanwhile, according to TMZ, Johnson’s probation was also extended until December 21, 2013. He also must complete an additional 25 hours of community service along with extra therapy sessions.

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