chris bosh & allison mathis*Aside from being a part of the 2013 championship winning team, NBA star Chris Bosh is looking to take a win on another court.

He is currently in a very bitter legal battle with his ex; involving the sought after custody of their 4-year-old daughter, TMZ reported.

The case was initiated when Bosh decided to file legal docs requesting that primary physical custody of his daughter, Trinity, be taken away from his ex, Allison Mathis.

He claims Mathis has been keeping their daughter away from him in an attempt to alienate him from her life. Bosh says she has cut off contact, refused to let them travel together, and has poisoned his daughter against him.

Although Bosh is currently seeking primary custody, he says he is more than willing to allow the mother so have visitation rights.

Mathis has filed counter suits calling Bosh’s allegations and complaints ridiculous. The custody battle between Bosh and Mathis has been going on for years. Just last June Bosh was denied permission to take his daughter to the Olympics.

chris bosh & daughter trinity