darnell alvarez moses & davieanna marlena blake

Darnell Moses Alvarez  & Davieanna Marlena Blake

*In Phoenix, a woman reported to be the daughter of legendary West Coast rapper DJ Quik – whose real name is David Marvin Blake – and her boyfriend have been charged by authorities with the murder of their two-year-old son.

Darnell Alvarez, 24, and his girlfriend, Davieanna Marlena Blake, 21, were found standing over the body of their dead son. Reports say the two were whipping the boy for wetting the bed. According to witnesses, the beating was excessive and the boy succumbed to the punishment and died.

The incident happened back in May, but only recently came to the attention of the media. Here’s what KPHO TV is reporting:

The child was found with multiple bruises on his legs, arms, buttocks, back and face, the document shows.

Blake told police she and Alvarez argued earlier in the day and after the child woke they saw he had wet the bed overnight, according to the document. Alvarez allegedly struck the child with a leather belt, and Blake didn’t intervene for fear of upsetting Alvarez more, according to the documents.

She said she went to work and when she returned, her son was lethargic and had multiple bruises and stopped breathing while she and Alvarez argued over taking their son to the hospital, according to the documents.

Alvarez later told police he disciplined the child with a woven belt during the day after he soiled himself and the bathroom.

An autopsy confirmed that the baby had bruises on his legs, arms, buttocks and face.  He died from a lacerated liver, internal bleeding, and bruises on his body.

Both parents are now in police custody.