demetria Lucas*Summer is going to be haut! Demetria L. Lucas the fabulous author of “A Belle in Brooklyn” – a book based on her award-winning blog – attracts some of the most beautiful and stylish people of color in New York City.

At her seventh “Cocktails with Belle,” where she thanked fans and friends as she celebrated the seventh year of her popular book, Demetria rocked it with a colorful summer look, polished with sparkling gem and spiked gold pumps (check the photos below).

Demetria Lucas

Demetria L. Lucas

Demetria L. Lucas

cocktails with belle

Demetria Lucas shoes

Demetria L. Lucas’ fabulous shoes… we don’t know the designer, but they are hawt!

But she always brings out the best of New York, attracting some of the most stylish people of color in the city. From strappy heels to natural dos, fans and friends were dressed to the nines.

Check out the photos below.

Demetria, dubbed “the Black Carrie Bradshaw” of “Sex in the City,” the writer has taken the Black dating world by storm with her real life accounts of career, love, and singledom in the most diverse city in the U.S. Bringing together the realities of being a single Black female and the joys of sleeping alone at night.

Over the years, she’s coached men and women on how to build strong, healthy relationships through her book, discussion panels and has also participated in several television discussions with folks like “The Today Show,” “The Anderson Cooper Show,” and more.

While relationship columns and advice had become the cornerstone of her career, she eventually evolved into a life coach after her audience members began asking question about their careers.

In an interview with Black Enterprise she said career vetting can be like a relationship process.

“Only in the sense that you have to be persistent, you have to put yourself out there, you have to get out and meet people and interact. Maybe in that sense. I like to think of dating as fun. … Sometimes you just go out with the idea to have a good time and you can have really great results that way. With branding, I think you need to be much more purposeful. …  Branding is a lot of hard work, and there’s no fast results. With dating, you can sometimes put on a pretty outfit, go out and smile and say hello, pay a compliment and things can be super easy for you, but branding is much more challenging.”

Demetria’s book was nominated for “Best Self Help” at the 2011 African American Literary Awards and her blog was awarded Best Person Blog in the 2010 Black Weblog Awards. According to her website, she’s currently working on the sequel to “A Belle in Brooklyn.” Check out her website for more information.

Dorothy Joseph

Dorothy Joseph

Marc Jacobs bag

Marc Jacobs bag and MK watch

Shirley Renelique

Shirley Renelique

Ghislaine Leon - boutique 9

Ghislaine Leon sporting lime green Boutique 9 pumps

Nicole Newsum

Nicole Newsum is rocking a tribal neckpiece perfect for any season

Whitney Dunlap-Fowler

Whitney Dunlap-Fowler is making it look so easy to mix and match soft colors and bold patterns.

Emma Fox bag

Emma Fox bag

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams, a bow-tie designer is looking quite dapper in his retro look.

Amanda Clarke

Amanda Clarke’s natural hair is great for any occasion. The lipstick is a great pop of color too.

Cassondra Lenoir

Cassondra Lenoir is sexy yet elegant with her great summer look and bright colors. The strappy blouse certainly says “I’m confident, yet classy.”

Tribal prints are IN! This convenient and stylish clutch can be found at The owner of this purse is wearing a MK watch.