michele bachmann

Michele Bachmann

*In an era full of absolutely nutcase politicians in America, you’ve really got to stand out to be known as a “the crazy one.”

Yet, for four completely off-the-wall terms, Minnesota’s Michelle Bachmann helped warp herself into exactly that – wrenching the title of “America’s most insane politician” away from many, many different contenders.

No politician better represented the off-the-cliff mentality that the loony wing of American right bathed in during the late 2000s than Bachmann. She first gained attention as one of the fringe “Obama is Anti-American” theorist during his first presidential run in 2008 and then spent the rest of his first administration becoming the darling and bug-eyed face of the spastic “Tea Party” movement. She embraced and expounded all of its vague principles, garnering a garishly devoted national audience of fringe right-wingers who embraced her conspiracy theories.

Thankfully, that audience was never enough to propel her to any sort of higher-profile political office. Her stay in the 2012 Republican presidential race was mercifully short, as just about everyone with a modicum of common sense realized just how crazy she truly was (she did bring about one of Kristen Wiig’s truly great Saturday Night Live impressions, though).

Now, thankfully, she’ll be out of office in one blessedly short year – at least partially due to the increasing scandal behind financial matters from her 2012 campaign run. We’ll still have to hear her vomiting up her views as a pundit, on Fox News (presumably), but at least she’ll be out of power. So, good riddance to a bad, bad influence. Good-bye, Michelle. We won’t miss you.