The Real

The ladies of “The Real” got together back in April to do a test shoot of their upcoming talk show.

In the absence of a script and a set, things got real, real fast. On July 15 the new roundtable style show will be airing in seven different markets for a test run before receiving wider syndication.

Tamera and Tamar will be joining singer Adrienne Bailon, comedian Loni Love and fashion expert Jeannie Mai. These busy career women have joined forces to dish on everything from celebrity gossip to their views on love, relationships and careers.

The new talk show is a diverse blend of personalities and backgrounds that offers the world a hip and younger version of “The View.” “The Real” is an up close and personal view on all the things we usually delve into during trips to the salon or after work happy hours.

Aimed at a younger demographic than shows such as “The View”, this show brings a hilarious and real aspect to girl talk. Many relatable topics are covered throughout the show including a segment where Jeannie Mai admits to being so busy with her career that she has to schedule sex with her husband. With such a diverse panel, there is no surprise that the show touches on the topic of race.

When Jeanie asked Tamar why she would be upset with a black man who chooses to date outside of his race Tamar responded, “Because I was bitter as hell! When you are in that space, especially when you like a guy, and he got a little interracial relationship going on, you start feeling a certain type of way towards those women. Maybe my self esteem wasn’t where it was supposed to be.”

Watch “The Real” exclusive clip below: