Flo Rida's Manager

Flo Rida’s Manager

*Flo Rida‘s manager was ejected from Monday night’s playoff game between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers for trash talking that apparently got out of hand.

The rapper’s manager was escorted out of Miami’s American Airlines Arena with little more than two minutes left in the game. He got into it with the Pacers bench as both Norris Cole and Jeff Pendergraph were in the process of being ejected as well.

According to TMZ, TNT’s side-line reporter Craig Sager rushed over to find out what the fuss was about to find Flo Rida’s manager yelling at Pendergraph. “It actually was Flo Rida’s manager who was ejected,” he explained, “He and Pendergraph had been going back and forth. He got to be such a distraction that the officials came over and tried to eject him. He wanted to stay.”

No comment yet from Flo Rida, who only had his enormous diamond-encrusted Jesus piece to keep him company for the remainder of the game.

Flo Rida after his manager was tossed

Flo Rida after his manager was tossed

Watch the antics below.