*Halle Berry may have spent more time testifying in favor of a new paparazzi bill on Tuesday than her  film “The Call” spent in movie theaters last spring. The good news for fans — the suspense thriller was released Tuesday on DVD.

The Oscar winner plays Jordan, a 911 operator who gets a call from a teenage girl as an intruder breaks into her home. When their call is disconnected, Jordan calls her back out of concern. …The girl, however, was hiding at the time, and did not have her phone on silent.

Needless to say, things didn’t end well for the teen, which sends a guilt-ridden Jordan into a downward spiral.

Although the subject matter is dark, much of the talk surrounding its theatrical release last March was Jordan’s choice of hairstyle.

halle berry the call hair

the call

Below, Berry explains the importance of changing her hair for each role, and why this particular style was chosen for Jordan.