oya*LOS ANGELES – OYA, independent singer/songwriter has released her debut album “Spirit of OYA“, showcasing her versatility as a vocalist and emotional fearlessness as an artist.

This fusion project of R&B/Soul, Jazz, Gospel and Funk, is a musical depiction of Oya’s journey, filled with life, love, inspiration and light. Oya’s voice navigates a wide range of melodies, from gentle, lyrical ballads to playfully improvised jazz tracks and uplifting gospel-inspired tunes. All celebrate her influences and paints a vivid picture of her life experiences.

With Spirit of OYA, the songtress has enlisted the talents of seasoned studio musicians, such as Ryan Cross (Rihanna, Alicia Keys), Brandon Coleman (Babyface) and Kenneth Crouch (Mariah Carey). Ryan Cross, who also produced the album with Oya, states, “The Spirit of OYA project is the most inspiring and dynamic album that I have ever worked on. Every song leaves you with that “Good Feeling,” that old school songs always embodied”. Iajhi Hampden, drummer, says “Oya’s musical vision and voice are both very dynamic and truly versatile. She’s an all around professional.”

The first single from the album, “LOVE”, which has received great reviews from fans, shows Oya’s abilities as a songwriter capable of transcending styles, as it mixes R&B, Pop and Reggae. Oya explores her authenticity through a mixture of her favorite genres in this diverse collection. She dances through her bluesy, upbeat rocker “Too Blessed To Be Stressed”, a tune that borrows elements from old school jazz. She expresses her soft, inspirational side with songs “Hold On Be Strong” and “Pledge To Love You”. Oya breathes new life into a spiritual favorite, showing her Gospel foundation with “Peace in the Valley” and pays tribute to Sam Cooke with her powerful rendition of “A Change is Gonna Come.”

Spirit of OYA, was officially released on September 23, in celebration of her father, Ezekiel’s, 76th birthday. Oya felt it was imperative to honor his legacy which lives through her art. Oya expresses, “His loving and powerful spirit has assisted me into becoming the woman and artist I am today”.

Spirit of OYA is now available on:

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Below, watch interview and behind the scene video of the making of “Spirit Of OYA”:


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