flavor flav fried chicken*Flavor Flav‘s time as a fast food mogul could be over in a matter of weeks … because the last of his fried chicken spots has been served with eviction papers.

Since opening it’s doors back in December 2012, Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs in Sterling Heights, MI has been accused of stiffing its landlord out of rent.

Flav has attempted to open 3 different fried chicken joints in the past few years. FFC&R was his latest acquisition having opened and closed two other locations; Iowa in 2011 and Vegas in 2012.

A nasty fallout with former business partners is what prompted Flavor Flav to branch out and start his own business.

In 2012 the Washington Post reported, “The one-time member of the rap group Public Enemy is holding opening ceremony Thursday evening at Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor, a few blocks southeast of downtown Las Vegas. It’s the night before the 53rd birthday for the celebrity whose public persona is as big as the clock he wears on his chest. His real name is William Jonathan Drayton Jr., and he’s tried the chicken restaurant recipe before. A short-lived franchise dubbed Flav’s Fried Chicken opened and closed last year in Clinton, Iowa. An announcement says the Las Vegas store isn’t associated with the one in Iowa. ”

According to court documents found by TMZ, Flav has to come up with $25,000 (accumulated from missed rent, late fees and unpaid damages) or risk losing his Michigan location and what could be his last hope.

The documents show that FFC&R was late in paying its $3,500 monthly rent payment back in Sept and October and then stopped paying altogether in November.

The landlord warned Flav back in January about this issue. Then in an attempt to get Flav kicked to curb went back to court a few weeks ago to take up his issue with a judge.

When Flav was called and questioned about the crisis he stated he had no idea of the ongoing trouble the restaurant was in. But the rapper insists, “I’m gonna figure out what’s going on and get to the bottom of this ASAP!”

The giant clock’s tickin’ …