john rosebudd dickson

John Rosebudd Dickson

*John “Rosebudd” Dickson ventures from his comfort zone and tackles his long denied passion for the supernatural, in his telling of the life and times of “Thaddeus Gotdoe, A Tale of A Vampire.”

Thaddeus Gotdoe is a departure from Rosebudd’s past published stories like “The Invention Man: Part(s) 1-3” which Part 1 begins as a suspense novel about a young genius who was duped by a pharmaceutical company and the auto biographical “American PimP” which tells about a young man who left college and entered the mean streets of the American sub-culture to become a Pimp;

Although each of Rosebudd’s books began with and carries urban characters and themes throughout, each story takes on a life and journey of their own. In the case of Thaddeus Gotdoe, A Tale of A Vampire, Rosebudd conjures this tale of a love between Thaddeus and his lady Allison Vimpyre, who is queen of the gypsies and of the undead. Alison captures Thaddeus’ heart, mind and soul and ultimately ignites his own insatiable appetites. As the story of Thaddeus Gotdoe unfolds, Rosebudd takes the reader on a journey into the dark side of the likes, love, friends and situations of Thaddeus. Rosebudd tells us, “Thaddeus Lucas Gotdoe is a middle aged self made millionaire of 48 years. His assets are many and his desires for more of everything is minor compared to his ego and his hunger. Thaddeus met Allison Vimpyre, a beautiful dark haired beauty at the Mirage Club some 25 years ago. Allison hails from a family of rich cattle and sheep ranchers. It was almost love at first sight. For some reason she was terribly attracted to him before she found out he was black, but was more excited after she did. Her family, the Vimpyres’ was gypsies and over the past three generations was very racist against blacks and Jews.” And with this information the telling of Thaddeus’s tale begins.

Beginning in the1970’s, author John Dickson a/k/a/ Rosebudd emerged from being a prominent Pimp in Northern and Southern California street life to international celebrity with the release of the HBO-Hughes Brothers’ docu-movie “American Pimp” (where he and other players gave you the real on the Pimp Game); to Author/Publisher and soon to be teacher. He began writing in Jr. High School and he went to Sonoma State University in 72. After years of putting his passion for the written word on hold, to master the street life, to date Rosebudd went back to school and earned his BA is in Sociology with an Education Concentration thus far and is currently 12 units away from a Masters Degree in Education and Technology. Over the years he has written 15 books (four published). He writes love stories, fantasies, humor, religious and several other categories, all of which he claims “the stories write themselves.”

Real Fly Publishing is a U.S.-based book publisher, formed in 2010 by author John S. Dickson.
Its principal place of business is Vallejo, California. Real Fly Publishing is a company that specializes in Urban Fiction and also functions as a sub-distributor for smaller yet focused independent authors and is distributed in the United States. Real Fly Publishing is currently open and seeking associations with international companies for licensing and distribution
worldwide. Real Fly Publishing is also looking in the hoods of our country for the next author.

Rosebudd declares, I have been around for a long time pimpin’ ho’s, slammin’ do’s and tellin’ stories. Now, it’s time for me to share my passion for the written word and get my stories and the names John “Rosebudd” Dickson and Real Fly Publishing out there in a positive light for the world to take note!” He says, “We (Real Fly Publishing) are book publishers and we are interested in writers, not in rappers or athletes unless they too have a flair for the written word.  We believe just as many undiscovered authors are out there as there are athletes or rappers and if we can get a few of them on their way, we’ve played a big part. We are very proud and excited about the release of our newest book Thaddeus Gotdoe, A Tale of A Vampire which we know the reader will love at first read!!!

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