kim kimble*Kim Kimble, the star of “L.A. Hair,” and celebrity stylist is arguably the biggest name in black hair.

Kimble has a long list of clients including name stars like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Shakira and Mary J. Blige.

She is mostly known for her reality show “L.A. Hair” (Thursday nights at 9/8c on We TV). With the show in it’s second season, Kimble has definitely been keeping quite busy.

Between expanding her business into a second location, launching her line of her hair care products and running her salons, she has her hands full as a female entrepreneur and stylist.

Kimble sat down with TheGrio to talk about her dealings with business and the ever so important issue of hair among black women. In light of it being summertime, she also divulged some insight on how to maintain hair while in the hot weather.

theGrio: You got your first big break styling hair on the film B.A.P.S., but your introduction to the hair business came long before then. You’re a third-generation stylist, right?

Kim Kimble: Yes, I grew up watching my mother and other members of my family do hair, and I would have to say that they inspired me greatly. I am also an avid admirer of Madame C.J. Walker; my dream is to be the Madame C.J. Walker of our time.

It seems like you’re on your way. Season two of L.A. Hair is already on the air and it’s centered on you expanding your business to a second location. What has it been like seeing your business grow as it has?

Having my own business was something that I always dreamed of, and I was very excited when I opened my very first salon yeas ago. Now I’m in my new hair studio on Santa Monica in West Hollywood, and I am thrilled. My new hair studio is about 4,800 square feet, so it’s really huge and I love that. From the posh new look to our extension, eyelash, and nail bars, Kimble Hair Studio is somewhere that you must visit if you reside in or are visiting L.A.

 What can you tell us about what we can expect from this season of L.A. Hair?

You can expect more celebs, more drama, and fabulous hair.

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