paula deen (crying)Paula Deen isn’t irreplacable
To the left, Paula. I don’t advocate lying, but did you really think admitting to using the N word was a good idea?

Adding insult to injury, you admit interest in having black men play as slaves serving guests at a wedding? C’mon son! Slaves, Paula? I’m not sure you’re aware of this Paula, but we have an African American President of the United States, and we still have Oprah! Black people have juice, bit*h. Ask about us.

You built an empire of approx 16 million dollars through the years, but now boo, the empire strikes back. How about losing deals with Food Network, four Caesars buffet restaurants, spokesperson status with Smithfield Foods, and Walmart? Target is currently evaluating the situation, which means you just might lose the deals you had with them as well. Backlash is a mutha, right Paula? I see you doing your best damage control dance, but chile your fistful of tears aren’t fooling anyone.

The National Enquirer reports that during three hours of questioning last month, when Jackson’s attorney asked Deen if she’d ever used the N-word, Deen said, “Yes, of course.” If I could ask you if you regret admitting that sh*t I bet your response would again be, “Yes, of course.”

shay & ericaLove and Hip Hip Hop Ho, Ho, Ho’s
Shay “Buckee” Johnson and Erica Dixon of VH1′s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta damn near went to blows at the launch of Karlie Redd’s beauty salon which includes a mani/pedi bar, human hair extensions, etc. This Champagne & Weave Extravaganza was supposed to be fun, but ninjas have a way of fu*king up everything. As you may know, Erica and Shay had been sleeping with Lil Scrappy for damn near a year, so they are not, and can not be friends. Erica and Shay didn’t actually go to blows, but Shay did grab at Erica which led her to be politely escorted out by security.

Shay was outside making a bigger fool of herself by calling Erica all type of weak b!tches, etc. Lord please help Shay. She couldn’t get Flav on Flavor of Love, now Lil Scrappy has chosen Erica over her. I’m reheating old tea so you didn’t hear this from me. There is a porn-status video clip of Shay taking that thang to the throat and throwing it back Janet Jackme. Uuugh. She Ratchet.

nicki & jenniferPlease take a seat
American Idol
, listen. You were what’s up over 11 years ago. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed; your ratings have slipped terribly. First of all, you need talented judges in order to judge talent. Nicki Minaj is cute, fashionable, popular, and very, very lucky. Nicki was never qualified to judge anyone’s talent because she has no true talent of her own.  As one of the top AI alums, JHud is an excellent choice for a judge. But … is it too much, too late? Time will reveal.

rihanna (joint)

Rihanna. Will you stop acting like a damn fool all the time? Twitter wasn’t created especially for you to “go in” on your fans all the time. No fans, no future boo. Calm the fu*k down.

zimmerman & martin

George Zimmerman. All you had to do was go back to your vehicle until the po-po’s arrived, but no. You had a point to prove.  “They always get away,” but Trayvon Martin was not going to get away. Not on your watch, huh? Your self-defense claim is weak, and the odds are very strong that you will be found guilty as charged.

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